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Kimi Walker, has been practicing holistic therapeutic massage for nearly a decade. Her passion lies in healing through the five senses, especially touch and smell. Natural fragrances stimulate the core of one’s being. Smells have intentions and operate much like music. "When you hear a particular song it can inspire a certain mood. It's a delicious serenade that compels you to wanna laugh, dance, sing, relax, pray...” Scents arouse your emotions and release your inhibitions.

i-Wanna… is Kimi's exciting new line of  handmade aromatic sugar and salt scrubs, air and fabric fresheners, soaps and other stimulating sensory products. The entire line of i-Wanna… products are personally blended by Kimi. The scrubs and soaps exfoliate and moisturize the skin, leaving you with an overall silky, soothing sensation. The combinations of herbs and spices are so luscious, you can't help saying "I wanna eat this!" She is continuously working to enhance the essence of scents and sensibility.

Having dreamed of creating and sharing aromatherapeutic products that would connect mind, body and soul, her dream has now become a reality. i-Wanna… allows you to gently surrender to your surroundings and focus on the desires of your heart.

Handmade AROMA CARE 
Kreated by KIMI

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